We Make IoT Work!

Our staff has an extensive engineering background to work with customers to find the best solution.

Internet of Things Implementation


Mel Foster helps you select the best solution to meet your needs and desired goals.

Customers are introduced to a rapid proof of concept to verify the solution meets your requirements. After set-up and installation, our team members will stay in touch to receive feedback to make any necessary adjustments to ensure satisfaction.

Internet of Things Integration

Development and Integration

Mel Foster helps you select components, subsystems, and systems required to implement your IoT enabled product and integrate these systems to provide a functional product.

Customers will receive software development, mechanical development, hardware development, and integration testing services from our third-party service firms. In addition to this, our testing services help to ensure a robust product once the development and integration processes are complete.

Internet of Things Deployment


Mel Foster provides several dashboard services such as data analytics or remote device management.

Customers will be provided guidance to make the desired services functional, while working together to ensure comprehension at every step, plus assistance in setting up field installations of the product to test how it works in action.

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